~ Helen Charalambous

Going back to my roots, my family and I have always shared a passion for the incredible cuisine you find in the beautiful Mediterranean part of the world.

Every weekend, and during almost every family dinner we would sit together around the table for hours, indulging in different Cypriot classics and some of our favorite Mediterranean flavours.

Those days I thought we had all the time in the world together, eating slowly, appreciating every small bite of pure goodness, while sharing the joy of food with my family and friends.

Only later in life I realised how unique and special this was, and that’s probably the healthiest way not just to eat food, but to experience life.

This is something that Carpe Diem wants to offer our customers on Fridays, with slowness, appreciation for the moment and surrounded with love, music and friendships.

Fresh salads with amazing cheeses, Greek salad with crumbly Feta cheese, Tzatziki salad with tangy yogurt and/or cherry tomato salad with basil and fresh Mozzarella.

​Different surprise items, nuts and fruit spread out on long tables to be shared with friends, new acquaintances and family. Come on down on Fridays to experience these unique fun nights.